What can we do for you?



We offer domestic and foreign legal services that span the entire patent process, including developing patent strategies, preparing opinions, filing and prosecuting applications, and using pre- and post-issuance procedures to bolster your rights.  Further, Dogwood IP Law adds value through its comprehensive portfolio management to help clients receive uniform prosecution from country-to-country, complementary protection, and a return on IP investment.



A trademark is a source-identifier that can lead directly to sales, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing. We can help you obtain and protect your rights by conducting clearance searches, filing domestic and foreign applications, responding to office actions, and ensuring maintenance is ongoing.  We work with clients to develop a trademark strategy that is tailored to their business, and help determine which marks would be best suited for registration.



In the last two decades, easy internet access and the growth of file-sharing and social networking have led to the widespread distribution of copyright-protected works in digital form.  Dogwood IP Law works with clients in registration, notice and takedown, and other related enforcement matters.



Intellectual property is often our clients' most valuable asset and raises the most complex issues.  Dogwood IP Law places significant emphasis on our relationship through cost-effective counseling of clients. Whether you are just getting started or have years of experience, an experienced IP can meet with you for a free consultation. We are here.